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 Nanotechnology Synthetic Material Sealant

'Percenta synthetic material sealant is a coating material on a nanotechnology level. It provides an 'easy-to-clean effect' on synthetic surfaces (polyester, PMMA, PC).

The applied sealant creates a thin, invisible film, which reduces the adhesion of dirt and other foreign matter. And water will be repelled. 'Percenta nano synthetics' is free from silicone, wax and oil. 'Percenta Synthetics' will provide the maximum effect after just one application.


  • Long lasting protection against water, dirt, grease and oil
  • Simply wash off contaminants (including grease and oil) with water
  • Nano sealant for all synthetic materials

Ranges of application:

Shower cubicle made from synthetic materials:
Less cleaning involved for those who do not like cleaning. Limescale and shower residues can simply be washed off with water. Using chemical cleaning agents will almost not be necessary anymore.

Window frames:
Windows always have to be cleaned as a result of rain, snow and dust. Window frames often attract dirt, which is very hard to remove when adhered to the frame. Our synthetics sealant has been developed so that dirt only stays on the surface and can simply be wiped off with a cloth or washed off with water.

Helmet visors:
The solution for every motorcyclist. Bad weather will no longer force motorcyclists to stop when it starts raining and the view through the helmet is reduced, which decreases road safety. With our synthetic material sealant, rain is simply repelled in the wind. Dead bugs can simply be wiped off the visor with a wet cloth.

Motorcycle windshields:
A big windshield protects the motorcyclist from rain and bugs well. Dirt and dead bugs always have to be removed again and again. Our synthetic material sealant helps you to do the job. When the product is used, rain on its own is often enough to remove contaminants. The remaining dirt and dead bugs can usually be removed with a damp cloth.

Garden furniture:
During the summer, moss and verdigris accumulates on garden furniture made of synthetic materials. In the sun moss and verdigris get burnt into the synthetics. As a result, it can only be removed using a high-pressure cleaner or aggressive cleaning agents. This can be prevented with our synthetic material sealant. Moss, dirt and other contaminants will not adhere anymore.

Available sizes:

  • 15 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 30 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 50 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 75 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 100 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 250 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 500 ml bottle with spray head
  • 1 l bottle with spray head
  • 5 l container
  • 20 l container


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