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'Percenta Nano Multi Foam Antibacterial' is a cleaning and sealing foam based on nanotechnology. It quickly cleans and preserves almost all kinds of surfaces.

'Percenta Nano Multi Foam Antibacterial' provides long lasting protection against water, dirt, grease and fingerprints. It is dirt and dust resistant with an antibacterial effect.

'Percenta Nano Multi Foam Antibacterial' has a pleasant citrus fragrance during application.


  • Saves time and money on cleaning agents
  • Contaminants can simply be washed off with water or a wet cloth
  • Structure and appearance of the steel remains, no visual changes
  • Long lasting protection against water, dirt, grease and fingerprints

Ranges of application:

Car bodywork & wheels:
Cleaning the car in car washes is not only bad for the environment, but can also be expensive. With our 'Percenta Nano Multi Foam' you can clean, preserve and seal your car in just one step. After the treatment, your car can simply be cleaned with water and a sponge.

  • Ideal for all car dealer's and car workshops

When applying our 'Nano Multi Foam' on your motorcycle, parts made of stainless steel and synthetic materials as well as wheels and the helmet, are sealed and preserved for a long time. The appearance remains the same or is renewed.

  • Ideal for motorcycle dealer's and clubs

Tools, machines & machine parts:
After a treatment with our 'Nano Multi Foam', tools, machines and other machine parts are protected against dirt and grease. They can simply be cleaned and are water resistant.

  • Ideal for workshops and industry

Extractor fans & Ovens:
Grease and oil on extractor fans and ovens can be difficult to remove. Our 'Nano Multi Foam' doesn't only clean, but also seals and preserves. All surfaces become water and dirt resistant and the original appearance, even on extractor fans and ovens is restored.

  • Ideal for food halls, restaurants, kitchen shops etc.

Music instruments:
The shine of instruments can quickly fade away. With our 'Nano Multi Foam' the original shine of stainless steel instruments and polished wooden instruments can be restored. Even when using the instrument in rain, it will remain water resistant.

  • Ideal for all bands and music shops

Window frames made of aluminium or synthetic materials:
Cleaning window frames can be more difficult that cleaning the windows. Our 'Nano Multi Foam' preserves the window frames and makes them dirt and water resistant. The foam can be used inside and out. The original appearance remains or is renewed.

  • Ideal for office buildings, car dealer's and window manufacturers

Mirrors often need to be cleaned. When sealed with our 'Nano Multi Foam', mirrors are easier to clean, and become dirt, grease and water-resistant. The mirrors can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth and polished afterwards.

  • Ideal for hotels, restaurants and hairdresser's

Further usage:
Bicycles, kitchen devices, polished wood, letterboxes, door frames, car cockpits, acrylic, smooth leather (shoes and jackets), boats (synthetic material and metal) etc.

Our 'Nano Multi Foam' was originally developed for stainless steel and synthetic materials. The foam can, however, be used on almost every smooth surface.


  • 250 ml aerosol can
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