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 Nanotechnology Eraser Pads

A sensation for cleaning. The network structure of this nano eraser pad cleans almost everything, even tough contaminants. The nano eraser pad can be used the same way as conventional pads. It will wear away slowly through use.

Easily removes:

  • Streaks and spots on walls, façades and floors
  • Water resistant permanent marker
  • Printing ink / stamping ink
  • Adhered chewing gum remains
  • Wall paint, paste remains
  • Graffiti (not all types)
  • Tarnished metals
  • Rubber abrasion
  • Tar stains
  • Pencil

Before using the eraser pad, it should be checked on a small inconspicuous spot for any adverse effects.

How to use the eraser pad:
Slightly dampen the Percenta nano eraser and rub the surface carefully and with a little pressure. No other additive or cleaning agent, except of water should be used.

The sponge can be cleaned with water several times. Simply wash and wring out. Through cleaning with water, the cleaning ability improves.

Ranges of application:

Car & Motorcycle:
Removes sticky contaminants, rubber abrasion, nicotine traces and tar spots. Cleans residue moulding and hubcaps.

Cleans all surfaces made of stainless steel, silver, chrome, alloy, ceramics and kitchen worktops. Removes tough tea and coffee stains …

House & Garden:
Cleans window frames made of synthetic materials, wood, metal, window sills, glass surfaces, mirrors, yellowed synthetics, garden furniture made of synthetic materials, streaks and spots on floors and walls, light switches, tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom, tarnished metals, leather covers, radiators, blinds, shutters, sports shoes, …

Removes printing and stamping ink, permanent marker, pencil, yellowing of tables / chairs / cupboards and synthetic surfaces, for example computers, fax machines, boards, …

Each nano eraser pad measures:

  • about 130mm x 50mm x 30mm

 How the nano eraser pad works

Our nano earser pad is made of foam. There are no cleaning agents included.

The mode of action is the surface itself. It consists of a combination of 'small pores' (nanos) and 'bigger pores'. The contaminants have medium sized pores = molecules. The small pores split the dirt and the big pores absorb and remove it.


  • Don't use any additives or cleaning agents.
  • The eraser pad can tear when cleaning sharp edges or rough surfaces.
  • When removing something from wallpaper, the colour can also be erased.
  • Don't use the nano eraser on varnished or shiny surfaces, as they may become dull.

Removes easily:

  • Streaks and spots on walls and floors
  • Water resistant permanent marker
  • Rubber abrasion from e.g. shoes
  • Adhered chewing gum remains
  • Printing ink / stamping ink
  • Tar and bitumen stains
  • Graffiti (not all types)
  • Melamine resin
  • Pencil

Suitable for:

  • Leather covers and sport shoes
  • Yellowed synthetic materials
  • Boards/projection screens
  • Tiles in the sanitary areas
  • Car (inside and hubcaps)
  • Tables/chairs/cupboards
  • Tar and bitumen stains
  • Kitchen and bathroom
  • Windows (dead bugs)
  • Tarnished metals
  • Light switches
  • Garden furniture, etc ...
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