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 Nanotechnology Ceramic Glass Cooktop Surface Sealing

Ceramic Glass CooktopHousewifes are well aware of the problem of over-boiling water or sauces. A quick glance on TV in the living room or just looking after the children and in this very moment the meal is boiling over. Consequently, every housewife or househusband needs to clean the hotplates first after having served the meal. These stubborn crusts are very difficult to remove. That’s enough now! A new product developped in nanotechnology will be the right means to an end.

Percenta "Ceramic Glass Cooktop" sealing is based on chemical nanotechnology and is generating a good drip-off effect of aqueous liquids or lipids. Additionally, you will achieve an optimal „Easy to clean“-effect by using this nano-formation.

Using the NANO "Ceramic Glass Cooktop" sealing you put on an invisible film on the corresponding surfaces reducing the sticking of dirt and other foreign substances. Sealed surfaces are especially easy to clean and tend to distinctly avoid soiling.

The sealing works as follows: The Ceramic Glass Cooktop has reduced contact with dirty particles so that for example over-boiled sauces are easy to remove by using a damp cloth instead of applying scouring milk.

Even if the lotus effect will diminish in abt. 14 days after application, however, the „Easy to clean effect“ will remain for abt. 6 months.


  • Brilliant surface
  • Significantly less soil
  • Protects the environment
  • Noticeably easier to clean

Usual quanities appliced:

  • Abt. 5 – 10 ml per Ceramic Glass Cooktop

Fields of application:

Houshold with Ceramic Glass Cooktop:
Houswifes, househusbands, hobbychefs and hosts of private parties always want to clean the kitchen in no time so that they can enjoy themselves their precious leisure time and, consequently, their guests do not need to wait for long. It even sometimes happens that the kitchen cleaning is postponed to lateron. At the moment you have sealed the Ceramic Glass Cooktops, it will be easy to remove dried crusts at a later stage.

Hotels and restaurants:
Hotel or restaurant owners are having their day-to-day experience with hectic cleaning works in their kitchen. Cleansing agents and expensive labour are only two reducible cost factors.

Kitchen studios:
Competition is growing, more and more kitchen studios are opening every day. So it is quite obvious that those should offer their kitchens including sealing right from the start or at least together with an appropriate sealing agent – a significant advantage to every competitor and an important quality increase of the kitchen.

Available sizes:

  • 15 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 30 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 50 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 75 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 100 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 250 ml bottle with sprayer
  • 500 ml bottle with spray head
  • 1 l bottle with spray head
  • 5 l container
  • 20 l container
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